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Status list

Payment statuses

Payment status defines the stage of transaction. The status can be transitional and final.

Payment Flow

Status code Final Description
created Invoice has been created; processing has not started. If Cublox does not return response 201 (Created) HTTP status code on your request, you should admit that the payment invoice creation was failed.
expired Invoice hit the lifetime limit without successful processing.
process_pending Process still being unknown and may not be known for an extended period.
processed ✔* Processed successfully. It isn't a final status since the payment can be refunded for different reasons.
process_failed Processing has failed, may be set when an error occurs and the corresponding payment request has failed. This status is considered final due to the maximum number of attempts has been reached (default—after 5 attempts).
refund_pending Refunding is still being unknown and may not be known for an extended period.
partially_refunded Successfully refunded amount is less than the invoice amount.
refunded Successfully refunded in full.
refund_failed Refunding has been failed or cannot be completed.
charged_back The payment transaction was claimed as a chargeback in full amount.
partially_charged_back The payment transaction was claimed as a chargeback but in amount less than the invoice amount.

* — The status is considered as final, but the payment can be rejected for additional reasons or recovered (in refund or chargeback cases).

Payment resolutions

A resolution is a transaction status clarification.

With transitional and successful final statuses, the related resolutions have an ok code. With failed final status, the resolutions get one of the following codes:

Resolution code Description
ok The process completed successfully
antifraud_error Transaction is blocked by the provider's firewall
auth_3ds_required 3D-Secure verification is required for processing
auth_otp_required OTP verification is required for processing
auth_fatal_error The card authorisation failed
card_expired The card expired
card_3ds_enrolled 3D-Secure verification is required for this card processing
card_blocked_by_invalid_pin The card is blocked because of the incorrect PIN using
card_lost The card is reported as lost
card_not_3ds_enrolled The card doesn't support 3D-Secure verification
card_stolen The card is reported as stolen
card_restricted Transaction processing on this card are restricted
card_restricted_by_acquirer The acquirer restricts transaction processing on this card
invalid_card_type The card type is invalid
card_usage_limit_violation The card usage attempts limit is exceeded
card_usage_issuer_limit_violation The card usage issuer limit is exceeded
card_verification_failed The card verification failed
client_auth_failed The client authorisation failed
customer_blocked The customer isn't allowed to make this type of transactions
general_decline General decline
transaction_expired The transaction expired
fatal_decline Fatal decline
fatal_error Fatal transaction processing error
fatal_invalid_card The card is invalid and its re-using is forbidden
forced_captured The transaction process is finalised manually
insufficient_funds Insufficient funds
invalid_3ds_code Invalid 3D-Secure verification code
invalid_amount Invalid transaction amount
invalid_card The card is invalid
invalid_cardholder The cardholder name is incorrect
invalid_cvv The card CVV is incorrect
invalid_details The transaction details are incorrect
invalid_expire_date The card expiry date is incorrect
invalid_otp_code The OTP verification code is incorrect
issuer_decline General issuer decline
issuer_unavailable The card issuer is unavailable
limit_violation The card limit is exceeded
unable_determine_3ds_enrolment Unable to determine the card 3D-Secure enrollment status
unknown Unknown error

The detailed level of the transaction's failure reason depends on the information openness of payment service providers (PSP) and issuer banks (for card transactions).


  • Cublox could expand the list of resolutions lately.
  • Receiving a resolution other than listed should not affect the transaction processing because this attribute only informs about possible errors.
  • The finality and success of the transaction processing are determined solely by the payment status (status).

Payment identifiers

At different stages of the payment received, the identifiers are processed with different names. Check the relations between them in the diagram below.

Identifiers' Linking


Receiver Reference Number (RRN) and Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) are used only for card payments' identification.