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Domains and IP Addresses

To proper integration, your application must be able to reach the Cublox’s fully qualified domain name in all cases. Depending on the model your integration operates, you may need to whitelist them.

To support your integration operate securely, it must also verify that communicates with through SSL certificate and DNS IP address.

And for correct information exchange between Cublox and payment providers or third-party services what Cublox have access to, use Cublox white-list IP addresses.


Cublox uses the fully qualified domain name to interact with your integration:

White-list IP addresses

To improve the security of interactions between the Cublox platform and your server, you should use a whitelist of IP addresses.

Complete list of IP addresses used by Cublox for Callbacks and payment reconciliation

As a convenience, that list is available in other formats for easy import into iptables or similar tools:

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