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Payouts by Token

Process consistency:

  1. Make at least one successful payment with tokenisation to obtain a token
  2. Initiate a payout by this token (use it instead of card number)


Service fields have priority over the token. So if you send both token and card number in the request, the system will use the card number.


Endpoint: /payout-invoices

Authentication: BasicAuth

Method: POST

Request Sample (JSON)

        "test_mode": false,
        "reference_id": "my_order_id123",
        "description": "some description",
        "currency": "USD",
        "amount": 100.78,
        "service": "payment_card_usd",
        "service_amount": 100.78,
        "token": "1Wrmk47zNKIGbo57znUzGy5ircN1FhPd",
        "callback_url": "",
            "name":"John Wick",